The Surprising Origin Story of Pickleball

The Surprising Origin Story of Pickleball

Jul 12, 2023 · 2 min read

Let's take a journey back in time and uncover the fascinating origins of the coolest sport to hit the scene: pickleball. Trust me, this story is about to blow your mind!

The Pickleball Origin Story

Picture this: it's 1965, just outside the vibrant city of Seattle on the picturesque Bainbridge Island. Three rad dads, Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum, wanted to create the ultimate summertime fun for their kids. These dudes were determined to shake things up and make a splash!

So, while chilling on Bainbridge Island, Pritchard and Bell stumbled upon an old badminton court on the property they were staying at. Talk about a stroke of luck! But there was one little hitch – they didn't have the gear. No rackets, no shuttlecock. Bummer, right? But hey, these guys were no ordinary dads. They decided to think outside the box and came up with a wild plan.

They grabbed their trusty table tennis paddles and a funky perforated plastic ball. And guess what? Magic happened! That ball bounced like nobody's business. The trio was stoked, but they knew they had to make this epic game their own. They lowered the net from a towering 60 inches to a more manageable 36. Genius!

Enter the third dad, McCallum. He saw the awesomeness unfolding and couldn't resist joining the party. The three amigos brainstormed and created some rad rules, taking inspiration from their buddy, badminton. This game was destined to be a family affair, a groovy way for everyone to bond and have a blast together.

By 1967, the first-ever permanent pickleball court was built in the backyard of Pritchard's cool friend and neighbour, Bob O' Brian. Talk about backyard goals! And get this – just five years later, a full-blown corporation was formed to protect this epic creation. The birth of a legend, my friends!

Present Day Pickleball

Now, let's teleport to the present day - Pickleball has exploded in the US and is rising rapidly in popularity in AU. Picklepals is here to facilitate your playing needs, with our range of precision grade paddles.

So, whether you're a seasoned pickleball pro or just discovering this wickedly fun sport, get ready to embrace the pickleball revolution, make lifelong friends, and unleash your inner champion.

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